Geo location long, lat values wrong

Hi again,

this time I have trouble with values for longitue and latitude. In Logstash I have this filter,

mutate {
		add_field => {
		"[geo][location]" => "%{[IN][LocationLongitude]}, %{[IN][LocationLatitude]}"


The original value in %{[IN][LocationLongitude]} are 11.98 and original value in %{[IN][LocationLatitude]} are 57.677
But when I have run the add_field the values are 11.9804131, 57.6774103

How do I do to keep the original values after I have merged them in to a new field? Its important that the data is exactly as the original value.

Why do you dont use geoip filter?

Because the values do not come from IP-address. Value come from a system that has already got longitude and latitude values from an street address.

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make sure [geo][location] is geopoint type
and try to convert it to float

mutate {
      add_field => [ "[geoip][location]", "%{[IN][LocationLongitude]}" ]
      add_field => [ "[geoip][location]", "%{[IN][LocationLatitude]}"  ]
      convert => [ "[geo][location]", "float"]

Sorry, i can't test help you.

This is solve. After some research it did not matter. Thanks for help.

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