Geo_shape indexing default precision?

I wonder if there is a simple answer for the above?

I am trying to understand what is the default precision with which ES indexes geo_shape if no precision is specified?

Am I right based on the above documentation that, if my mapping is as below:

"geometry": {
      "type": "geo_shape"

Then the tree type is a geohash and precision is 50m???

The reason why I am asking is that I decided to index with the below mapping, with 10km precision, yet the search takes a long long time in comparison to a default indexing as above. I cannot understand why? I would have expected that with a bigger precision i.e. 10km vs 50m, it should be much faster, and also to index? Yet it takes almost same amount of time.

Any ideas please?

"geometry": {
                    "type": "geo_shape",
                    "tree": "geohash",
                    "precision": 10km"

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