Geodistance query NEST API

I want to use elastic geodistance query in my C# application. I have referred the example on Elastic NEST API documentation which didn't work for me.
Below is my code. kindly share with me an example I'm using elasticsearch version 6+

   var geoResult = client.Search<Myclass>(s => s
                     .Query(q => q
                     .GeoDistance(g => g
                    .Field(p => p.geometry)
                    .Location( 39.589114,24.481397)

I want to calculate the distance from the provided lat long but the query returns no results.

In your example you are searching for objects located within 200m from a point in Aegean Sea, which is probably not what you intention was. If you were trying to find some points in Medina, you should flip the coordinates in such a way that latitude goes first: .Location(24.481397, 39.589114). I

f that didn't help, could you share mapping and some test data that you are using, so I could reproduce the issue locally.

Hello Igor,
Thanks for taking the time to reply, this worked for me.
Thanks Once again.

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