Geogip data problem

Hi evreyone,
I'am using the geoip filter to get the map value of an ip

geoip {source => "NATDestinationIP" }

It works, it create all type geoip (latitude and longitude.....) but when I look these value on kibana they are texts types (and numbers)!!!! I can not create map whit texts value.
When I want to create a map I can't choose the index pattern i want beacuse there aren't geoip value

This is the problem :

They should be geo data (geopont...)

The default target for a geoip filter is [geoip]. The default template for an elasticsearch output makes [geoip][location] a geo_point. If you are using a non-default template you will have to include the mapping for [geoip][location] in it.

Thanks @Badger for your reply.
I added a teplate one time for this index. But I have deleted this index multiple time

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