Geoip filter plugin does not handle spaces in key name


Good day,

New user here... I hope I am posting to the correct place. I wanted to report a bug in the Geoip filter plugin. It appears that it does not like a space in the key name.

Results in a _geoip_lookup_failure:
geoip {
source => "Source IP"

Parses just fine:
geoip {
source => "source_ip"

Thanks for your time.

(Mark Walkom) #2

Do you mind raising that over here so we can look into it?


Thank you for the suggestion and link. Issue is opened here:

Have a great day.

(Pjanzen) #4

I would say, field names cannot contain spaces or is that just me?


It does not seem to be a problem elsewhere within ELK stack. If it is a design decision for geoip, then just state it in the documentation. Thanks for the feedback.

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