Geoip Ingest with Elastic Cloud

According to

It is trivial to configure the Geo-IP ingestion for an Elasticsearch output, however from the document it is not clear how this would be configured when using Elastic Cloud?


Hi @hilt86,

The GeoIP enrichment happens inside Elasticsearch, not in Beats per se.

The first step will be to create an Ingest Node pipeline, which is documented here

Once that's done, then you can configure your Beats instances to output to "elasticsearch" output, via that Ingest Node pipeline:

  hosts: ["localhost:9200"]
  pipeline: geoip-info

You can enable the geoip plugin via the Cloud Console. Just edit your cluster and then under Elasticsearch settings you will see;

Yes I enabled the ingest-geoip on the cloud console...I also added the

pipeline: geoip-info

to my packetbeat config on my sensor but I still don't see the client_geoip.location field in Discover. Would the mapping template already have this mapping or will packetbeat update it accordingly?

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