Geoip_point can not be used in machine learning detector funktion lat_long in Kibana 7.5.0

Kibana, Elasticsearch updated to 7.5.0

When I try to setup ML job I cannot select geoip_point field for lat_long function.

When I type the name of the geoip_point field other fields stay inactive.

This applies also to discovery. Adding filters doesn't work. But using the Search field I'm able to filter.

Discover (Add filter) - not working:

Discover (Search) - working:


What is the mapped type of source.geo.location? Is it indexed as a geo_point?

If it is, but it is still not available in the wizard, could double check the kibana index pattern? The ML Job Wizard relies on the discovered mapped types in the index pattern and you may have to refresh the pattern.

This is a bug that will be fixed in 7.5.1

Hi All,

Thanks for your quick responses.

So I have to wait for 7.5.1.

And what about the filters in Discover?
Will this also be fixed?

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