GeoJSON Polygon mapping

(Aaron Reichman) #1

I have a document that contains a GeoJSON Polygon geometry, like this:

"type": "Polygon",
"coordinates": [

Is is possible to create a mapping that will index each coordinate
separately as a geo_point? I don't need the full geo_shape indexing
capabilities in this case -- if any of the points match a geo_bounding_box
query, that would be fine. It seems from other forum posts that multiple
points can be indexed, but I'm not sure how to convey to ES that the
geo_points are in a nested array structure that like defined by the GeoJSON


(Gijs) #2

Hi Aaron,

Did you ever find a solution for your problem? I'm facing the same issue. Please share if you have news.

Regards, Gijs

(system) #3