Geoquery Against Pre-Indexed Shape is Failing


I’m trying to run a geo_shape filter query using a pre-indexed shape, and it’s failing for reasons that I cannot identify. This is with Elasticsearch v1.4.1-1. I’ve documented how to reproduce the problem at

The pre-indexed shapes are GeoJSON converted from Census Bureau municipal geodata. The indexed documents are state corporate registration records, each of which have an address that I’ve geocoded into a latitude and longitude (a field named “location”). The indexed shapes are in a "geometry”:{ “coordinates": { [1, 2] [3, 5] } } format. In the query I specify "path": “geometry”, which generates this error:

"Failed to find geo_shape field [location]].”

Based on the error, it looks like Elasticsearch is looking for shapes that fall within the pre-indexed shape, rather than points, and so while the indexed documents have a geo_point field named “location,” there’s no geo_shape field of that name. FWIW, I’m following the instructions in the manual at

I’d be grateful to anybody who could offer some guidance. Thank you.


Waldo Jaquith
U.S. Open Data Institute


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