Geoshape Filters via Java API

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We're upgrading to v1.0 from v0.90 and have run into an issue we're not
sure how to resolve. We have been applying the geoshape filter in our
queries via the Java API using:

FilterBuilders.geoShapeFilter(fieldName, shape);

but now in v1.0 we can no longer pass in a Shape to the geoshape filter
builder but instead it can take a ShapeBuilder only. The problem is we
already have a Shape instance and it appears all the ShapeBuilder options
that are available are only good for manually creating a Shape instance or
but there no longer seems to be a way to apply a Shape object directly as a
geoshape filter? Is there some way to achieve this easily that I'm

Also, the relevant examples in the documentation
still show the old API. This is also not noted in the breaking changes
section of the v1.0 documentation.


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