Get 403 error response while trying to open http://localhost:5601/ from local development environment

I'm trying to follow wiki to setup kibana development environment

i'm able to run elasticsearch locally with

yarn es snapshot

i can also run kibana with

yarn start

after i started kibana local environment. i tried to open http://localhost:5601/ via browser.
it got redirect to http://localhost:5601/ykl and return back a 403 error response


i'm not able to access homepage, but i'm able to open status page via http://localhost:5601/ykl/status#?_g=()

what did I do wrong here?

how could i correct this to get access to homepage? by change config file or start kibana with different launch params?

could someone help?

I found answer myself.
just use another default user account which has permission, actually, i login with elastic and it works


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