Get a OR on controls


I'm currently working with Kibana and setting the Controls

Now, if I fill both fields Expéditeur and Destinataire, the comparison between the 2 will be an AND, meaning a document will need to have both.

Would it possible to have a OR there, meaning we would only need one of the fields to have a document selected?

Thanks <3

In my 7.17, there are multiselect option to filter by OR.


Well that's not what I meant.

The OR would need to be between 2 different fields, and not inside the same one.

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Now I understand what you want but I suppose there is no such option.

Yea I kinda anticipated that. Thanks anyway.

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@Greninja_San you want something like: if conditionX OR conditionY is met do something?
If so, than @Tomo_M is right. However, there is some walkaround for this: use nested ( looped ) IFs.

That could work. But we're already at more than 7.000.000 documents and I'm a bit afraid of calculus time.

Indeed, with more than 7m documents, calculaions may take some time...... but I wouldnt exxagarate; it wouldnt take forever......... :slight_smile:

We add approximately 4 millions documents a month. It will rise. (I already have issues with some graph with so much data)

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