`get_aliases()` removed from elasticsearch-py (Python)

As near as I can tell, get_aliases() was removed from elasticsearch-py with the move from 2.x to 5.x support.

I get that I can continue to use 2.x, but I have a 3rd party lib (https://github.com/jaddison/django-simple-elasticsearch) that I'm interested in adding support for 5.x due to 'popular' request - but just want to be clear on what's changed in the Python lib between versions before proceeding.

Edit: Am I supposed to use get_alias() in its place? If so, it seems somewhat counter-intuitive (plurality-wise)?

We take the API names and definitions from elsticsearch itself so when 5.0 removed the get_aliases API in favor of get_alias we went with it in the python client as well.

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