Get all unique values of a field across documents

so i have a field named subjects, it is an array. so I want to get all the values of subjects field in a particular index. should be about 300-400. Can someone suggest how to achieve this.

I am doing this:
GET /index/_search { "size": "0", "aggs":{ "by_subjects":{ "terms": { "field": "subjects.en.keyword" } } } }

but this is returning me only 10 items in a list.
also its giving me this in result if it helps:
"aggregations" : { "by_subjects" : { "doc_count_error_upper_bound" : 0, "sum_other_doc_count" : 381,

Use the size parameter to ask for more. Given you have hundreds, not tens of thousands of values, these can all be returned from a single request (otherwise you'd need to use something like the composite aggregation to page through results).

making the size parameter to 400 (keeping rest same) gives me all the documents I have stored in the index.
my goal is to get all the values of the particular field.

Sorry, I wasn't clear. I meant the size setting inside the terms aggregation.

I did try that before and just now as well. its still seems to give me same results, giving me all the documents in the index. Is there anything I am missing. this is my query .

`GET /index/_search 


"field": "subjects.en.keyword",
"size": "5"


Thanks a lot. This solved the issue.

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