Get Array FieldValues ElasticSearch NEST

Is there a way to get Arrays returned in FieldValues using NEST.
Consider the following query

            var searchResponse = client.Search<VehicleSpecs>(s => s
                .Query(q => q
                .Fields(fs => fs
                    .Field(vs => vs.VehiclePhotos)));

VehiclePhotos is a an array of string in the above example but when I try to read it back it only returns first element from the array. Here is what I have tried so far

            foreach (var fields in searchResponse.Fields)
                //var c = fields.ValueOf<VehicleSpecs, List<string>>(vs => vs.VehiclePhotos).Count;
                var photo= fields.Value<string>("vehiclePhotos");

The commented line throws an error if i uncomment it

You can use

foreach (var fields in searchResponse.Fields)
	string[] photo = fields.ValuesOf<string>("vehiclePhotos");

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