Get ClusterHealthResponse using RestHighLevelClient in 6.3.2

In the documentation of master version the Cluster Health API is available under RestHighLevelClient.

How to achieve the same in version 6.3.2 using RestHighLevelClient?
I'm looking for ClusterHealthResponse.

Thanks in advance

cluster health has been added with the 6.4.0 version of the client that was just released, see . It is not available in previous versions.


Thank you javanna.

Is there any other api to get list of indices in version 6.3.2?

Madhan Kumar

You can check out in our docs which API are supported in 6.3, the following ones are specifically the indices API: .

We support indices exist but there isn't yet support for an API that allows to list indices. I am afraid you will need to resort to using the low-level REST client.


Thats fine.

Is it possible to get via low level rest client(6.3.2)?

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