Get distinct term values but order by another value

Hello, I struggling with a query to get the unique values for a term called metric from my index while sorting the result on a different (numeric) field: metric_order.

Consider below example:

metric: metric_order:
A           0
B           3
C           1
D           2

My requirement is to get A, C, D, B as per metric_order

The terms aggregation has a few paragraphs about ordering on other fields, that might be what you are after. See

ty. I had already gone through that page but revisiting it seems that below setup may just do the trick

GET /_search
    "aggs" : {
        "genres" : {
            "terms" : {
                "field" : "genre",
                "order" : { "max_play_count" : "desc" }
            "aggs" : {
                "max_play_count" : { "max" : { "field" : "play_count" } }

I'll give it a go.

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