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I'm trying to obtain all the events of a specific rule. Since I didn't find an API that does the job, I inspected the Chome Network Dev tool. During the inspection, I saw a request done to /internal/bsearch which replies with the events. The problem is that the reply is encrypted, and it comes with the following format:

eJzsvelyG9f16 ... es=

How can I decrypt/decode or manage that encryption? Because clearly is being decrypted on the user side. Is there any better way to approach this?

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Oh hey there @Felipe_Fuller :wave:, thanks for the question! :slightly_smiling_face:

So we actually have a dedicated API for fetching alerts, but you may've missed it since there was a renaming event and it goes by the signals moniker instead of alerts. You can see all the details for that API here: Signals endpoint | Elastic Security Solution [8.2] | Elastic. Should be as simple as hitting that API with an ES Query DSL matching a specific rule name/id.

As for that bsearch request you've inspected, IIRC the response is just compressed (not encrypted). I believe there's a kibana.yml configuration for disabling this:

    'bfetch:disableCompression': true

Of course you'll probably only want to enable for debugging purposes to ensure network traffic doesn't balloon.

Hope this helps -- cheers!

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@Felipe_Fuller if you want to make the same request and have the response come back uncompressed, you can right click the response in chrome dev tools -> copy as curl and manually remove the ?compress=true query param from the end of the url. Also, if you want to programmatically decompress it, here's a snippet that would do so:

import { unzlibSync, strFromU8 } from 'fflate';
import { toByteArray } from 'base64-js';

const input = process.argv[2];
const result = strFromU8(unzlibSync(toByteArray(input)));


if that's index.js, you can run it with node index.js compressedData


Thank you both very much, I will try the respective solutions! It's great having this kind of support!

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