Get integration assets

Is there a way to get the list of elasticsearch assets for a given elastic integration (From kibana or from an API).
I am trying to figure out the list of:
index templates, component templates, transforms, pipelines managed by the "Elastic Defend" integration

Hi Adrien,

The assets managed by an integration usually have a common prefix or pattern in their names, so you can look for that in the results.

You can then filter the results to find the assets managed by the "Elastic Defend" integration from those API

GET _ingest/pipeline
GET _transform

Thanks for your response.

Does it mean that the name of the component template is really "deducted" from the name of the package?

I am looking at in the different integration trying to figure out how the xxx@custom and xxx@package component template produced for a given xxx integration but I cannot figure it out.

I cannot find the integration "elastic defend" on GitHub - elastic/integrations: Elastic Integrations by the way. Anyone knows how to find its code?


i think you have to find 'endpoint'


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