GET _mapping with body update index mapping


I would like to ask for GET behavior in elasticsearch.
I am using kibana dev tools

Let say i am creating a new index to elasticsearch

PUT /customers/my_test/0001
  "name": "For testing purpose"

run GET /customers will return index mapping and settings

then i run GET

GET /customers/_mapping/my_test
  "dynamic": "strict"

and it return ack true, and when i run GET /customers
"my_test": { "dynamic": "strict",

Why i am able to update index using GET with body?

It’s “a bug” in Kibana.

When you provide a body to a GET request, Kibana Dev tool changes it to POST.

If you do the same GET with curl you will see that it does not behave the same way.

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ah make sense then.
should i fill a bug report for it?


It’s just that you should not GET a mapping with a body.

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