Get more UserInfos after Openid Login

Hi folks,

I just implemented the OpenID Login with AZURE Login. I also added Claims for personal informatione about the user logging in, like Family_Name, Given_Name and Email.

But after Login I just do see that I am logged in with a Username like NUNPBx9kRenrHVAFcwz8e02Clq5d.

This seemed to be generated as I do not have any user on Elasticsearch. I become the permissions through Group Mapping.

So my question is, can I configure the OpenID Claims to be visible in the User Infos?


Hello Stefan,

I have not used openID myself, but could you post your configuration? According to the docs there is a setting called op.userinfo_endpoint:

... This is the endpoint of the OP that can be queried to get further user information, if required. ...

Did you configure this setting?

Best regards

Hi Wolfram,

thanks for the hint. Could do it by adding the following lines to the realm configuration:

        claims.principal: upn
        claims.groups: groups name
        claims.mail: email
        populate_user_metadata: true

Greets Stefan

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