Get queries / sec metric

We want to monitor live traffic (incoming and outgoing) to cluster. I can't seem to find a way to fetch queries / sec. What is the metric I should be looking at?

Some metrics I looked at but they don't seem to get what we want:
indices.search_fetch_current : doesn't work because it includes counts for each shard
http.current_open: these are HTTP connections, we use 9300 port for connections
transport.server_open: these seem to include all kinds of connections, so can't differentiate search and index queries

We have installed telegraf plugin:

Please let me know. Thank you.

There is no metric for this.
Monitoring (the plugin) calculates this itself.

Did you mean Kibana?

Thanks Mark. As far as I understand, x-pack also does show the expose incoming queries. What it seems to display on graph are the queries to each shard, which might not necessarily be the same.

This is based on the tech talk on the website of X-Pack. However, it is for version 2.3, not sure if things have changed in version 5 (we are using 5.1.1). Please let me know.

You can see cluster, node and shard level stats with Monitoring.

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