Get rid of Dashboard name in the browser title

I don't want dashboard name in the title.
I want title to be static.
I changed title to "myTitle" but it prefix the dashboard-name.
Please suggest how to get rid of Dashbiard name?


I am not sure what you are asking for. Can you provide a screen shot and some more details. What do you mean by "title"? What version of kibana are you using?

I am using kibana 6.2.3
Title means, the text which appears in tab of the browser. For kibana it's default to 'kibana'. We can change it from chrome.jade file.
Now I set it to 'myTitle' in chrome.jade file and restarted. It shows properly when default page loads. However, when I click on dashboard, the title of the browser tab becomes to 'dashboard-name myTitle' .
I don't want dashboard name to appear there. It should be only myTitle always irrespective of the resource.

I hope I asked precise question.


Plz check this image. This is the title I am talking about.

Thanks for the detailed explanation. I understand what you are asking for and unfortunately it is not currently possible. I would recommend opening an enhancement request here

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