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Hello everyone,
I would like to create a query wich match with a scpecific date and take the price to divide it between the sqm field.
In other words,lets imagine that I have this doc
"historic": [ { "date": "2016-10-30","price": 161000, "sqm":54}, { "date": "2016-05-30","price": 113000, "sqm":55}]

So I would like to look for "date": "2016-05-30" and take its price / sqm = 113000/55 --> and put it in another variable. I know how to do the match but I guess that I need a Script formula in order to get the avg amount,

Any ideas? Thanks to all

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while you might be able to use a script field - I would highly recommend you to do that calculation at index, for example you could use a script processor for that. This means you document will be enriched with that field before it is being indexed.



I am using an aggregation and the agg /sum got the amount that I set in the match by itself (awesome) . Unfortunately, It doesnt happen when I use a simple match (without agg) so I created a for loop in order to get the value that I am looking for.

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