Getting 400 error when the items in the facet are unselected

i have 4 to 5 facets in my app. when the user selects items across facets and then deselect items in another facet. I'm getting 400 error. Any idea of what is going wrong here.

An unexpected error occurred: [400] Facets cannot be empty or null

Below is the payload

{"query":"","facets":{},"filters":{"all":[{"any":[{"regioncountrylist":"United States"}]},{"any":[{"language":"English"}]},{"any":[]}]},"search_fields":{"title":{},"equipmentlist":{},"business_line":{},"reagentlist":{},"id":{},"pdfcontent":{},"productslist":{}},"result_fields":{"name":{"raw":{}},"title":{"raw":{}},"description":{"raw":{}},"revision":{"raw":{}},"equipmentlist":{"raw":{}},"tsc_priority":{"raw":{}},"filename":{"raw":{}},"createdate":{"raw":{}},"potentialhealth":{"raw":{}},"solution":{"raw":{}},"language":{"raw":{}},"datasize":{"raw":{}},"filetype":{"raw":{}},"document_classification":{"raw":{}},"document_classification_subcategory":{"raw":{}},"referencelist":{"raw":{}},"legacy_identifier":{"raw":{}},"fe_priority":{"raw":{}},"expirationdate":{"raw":{}},"publisheddate":{"raw":{}},"productslist":{"raw":{}},"modifydate":{"raw":{}},"usage_type":{"raw":{}},"lot":{"raw":{}},"parentid":{"raw":{}},"parenttype":{"raw":{}}},"page":{"size":0,"current":1},"analytics":{"tags":["Facet-Only"]}}

Hi Chandra -

Can you detail out a bit more about your application? What is the search front end you are using? What version of Enterprise Search?

I'm using AppSearch 7.15.1 i'm using react app. After further digging down, i see the call that is failing is for 'Analytics'. I see "analytics: {tags: ["Facet-Only"]}" payload being sent. is there a way to stop the calls for analytics. if i'm selecting 4 filters. it makes up 5 calls out of which 4 calls are for these analytics only.

Looks like the conditionalFacets is causing this issue. once i removed the conditional facets code, i don't get the error. i had to check the length of the filters to get around the conditionalfacets requirements

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