Getting access to custom headers in kibana client

Hi. I'm trying to get value of custom header set in response of our server in kibana react client using axios but it seems that it's not accessiable even though it's showing in browser console (Access-Control-Expose-Headers is also set).

My question is that is there some sort of configuration in kibana that prevents custom headers being accessiable from client or not.


Hi @mojtaba_mosalman

I think you need to check your kibana.yml file to better understand how things are set up in your particular case.

There is a way to set custom headers to be send on all the Kibana server responses to the client with server.customResponseHeaders in kibana.yml. If it is the case and set properly, I can't think of any prevention mechanism on Kibana side.

Usually the problem comes when you try to send custom header, especially with CORS enabled for Elasticsearch. Then you have to make sure it is white-listed and etc.

You can read more about different Kibana server configuration here

Best, Dima

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