Getting Authentication Exception even CA cert is provided (python)

Hi everyone, I have a self-managed elasticsearch 8.3.0 cluster with security enabled.

When using python client, even I included the CA cert, I still get the error: AuthenticationException(401, 'security_exception', 'missing authentication credentials for REST request [/]')

My code is here:

from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch, RequestsHttpConnection
from ssl import create_default_context

context = create_default_context(cafile='elasticsearch-ca.pem')
context.check_hostname = False

node = ['', '', '']

es_connection = Elasticsearch(node, basic_auth=("connector", "connector"), verify_certs=False, ssl_context=context)

I would be grateful if someone can help me with this issue. Thanks a lot.

Hi @Brian_Chan Welcome to the community.

Have you tried the method shown in the docs here

Authentication error typically means you invalid username and or password.

Also I suspect you may need a full path to the cert.

And if you did a default install You're using the wrong cert. You want to use the CA that was generated see below

from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch

# Password for the 'elastic' user generated by Elasticsearch
ELASTIC_PASSWORD = "<password>"

# Create the client instance
client = Elasticsearch(
    basic_auth=("elastic", ELASTIC_PASSWORD)

# Successful response!

Hi @stephenb, thank you for your responds.

I can successfully connect to my cluster now. I did two actions: 1. upgrade my python library which match my elasticsearch version. 2. authorize my user account to superuser.

May I ask is it really necessary to give the user all the permission in order to use the python client?

No most our samples show the elastic user for consistency.

You can create a user and a role with the specific permissions that you want and use it.

Just read up on users and roles and set it up And you will be fine.

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