Getting cluster_block_exception Root causes when both memory and diskspace is plenty

I'm getting the following error when trying to create an alert rule in kibana

[.kibana_alerting_cases_8.8.2_001] blocked by: [FORBIDDEN/8/index write (api)];: cluster_block_exception Root causes: cluster_block_exception: index [.kibana_alerting_cases_8.8.2_001] blocked by: [FORBIDDEN/8/index write (api)];

My cluster seems very healthy with lots of memory and disk space. Can anyone give me some pointers on how to solve it?

What is the full output of the cluster stats API?

You need to check the disk space available per node, the monitoring overview page will show you the disk space available for the entire cluster, but you may have some node where the disk is full and other where the disk still has space.

You may have some nodes that reached the flood watermark, which will block write request to the indices that have at least one shard on that node.

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