Getting Elasticsearch to put scores on a 0-100 scale?

Everything that I've read about scoring in ES suggests that you really
shouldn't do this. However, I need a score floor to make some automatic
decisions for a user about which of the top results is most-likely a match
to their query (if the first document returned has a score >= 70% then we
indicate to the user that this is a good match).

I've read the article on Lucene's Practical Scoring function and I know
that a function_score query is probably what I need here (or close to it).
And I know the score from one query can't really be compared to the score
from another. and attempts to normalize scores have never really worked out

Even though the intent of the query norm is to make results from different

queries comparable, it doesn’t work very well. The only purpose of the
relevance _score is to sort the results of the current query in the
correct order. You should not try to compare the relevance scores from
different queries.

Should I be thinking about a different search and scoring tool, or can I
get ES to work the way I want it to?

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