Getting Error Kibana Server is not ready

Hi ,
We have upgraded our ELK from 2.4.6 to 7.3.0 in centos
here lot of files I have changed
somehow i made it up all the ports related to ELK
but when i ran kibana ..i got the error by saying that kibana is not ready yet ,

the config which i enabled in kibana.yml is ""
elasticsearch.hosts: ["http://localhost:9200"]

Thats it

i wonder why people think we can guess whats going on without providing details...
post the log content!

also, have you read the docs? breaking changes? like this one for example?

# Specifies whether Kibana should rewrite requests that are prefixed with
# `server.basePath` or require that they are rewritten by your reverse proxy.
# This setting was effectively always `false` before Kibana 6.3 and will
# default to `true` starting in Kibana 7.0.
 server.rewriteBasePath: false

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