Getting error on starting elasticsearch ingest.geoip.downloader.enabled: false

I think you should start to try to understand elasticsearch a bit more.

Best practice... Elasticsearch should run on its own VM and the JVM should be set to 1/2 the host RAM.

If you do not set JVM settings elasticsearch will do that automatically because it expects to run on its own server.

sure. i will look into this

BTW those errors above look like logstash errors, not elasticsearch errors.

But It could also mean elasticsearch is not running and unreachable.

You can run Kibana and Elasticsearch on your 8gb host and get rid of logstash...

Those errors above are from logstash so looks like you're still running that.

Okay sure

Hi, I have decided to put elastcisearch and logstash on two different vm's. So considering that i am having logs from 5 to 10 servers. What is the architecture you would suggest for high availability?
Machine 1: elasticsearch 8gb ram and 50 gb hard disk
machine 2: logstash 4 or 8gb ram and how much hard disk>?