Getting error while creating scripted field

Hi all,

I am creating a scripted field on an index that already has a bunch of scripted fields. After creating the scripted field I preview the results and see my desired results. For some reason, when I go back to the discover tab to check out my index I get a bad request. I am attaching a screenshot with the error. Any help would be appreciated. Please let me know.

Extra information: I am able to create scripted fields on other indexes that are on the same instance. I am also able to modify scripted fields on the index I am trying to create new scripted fields on.


Which version of the stack? Can you please post your script for the field? Are you logging in as the same user all times?


Version: 7.10.0
Script: if(doc['stages'].empty){ return 0; }else{ if(doc['stages'].value == "Z5SPCreated"){ return 1; } else{ return 0; } }
Yes, I'm logging in as the same user at all times.

Thank you for your quick response.

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