Getting HIgh s3 cost on LISTBUCKET OPERATION using logstash s3 pipeline

Hi elastic Team,

We have 3 logstash s3 pipeine from buckets(elb,cloudflare,cloudtrail) .Currently we are getting high s3 list bucket operation cost on these buckets.We want to know is there any way so we can minimize this cost.Below is the INPUT of logstash config:-

input {
      s3 {
        access_key_id => "AXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
        secret_access_key => "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
        region => "ap-south-1"
        bucket => "elb`Preformatted text`"
        #prefix => "2021/09/14"
        type => "application-load-balancer"
        interval => "10"
        exclude_pattern => "\/2021\/08\/|\/2021\/07\/|\/2021\/06\/"
        additional_settings => {
          force_path_style => true
          follow_redirects => false

current cost:- $22-- list bucket operation on single bucket

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