Getting Http Handler within Discover Docview Tab

I am currently creating a plugin that creates a new Discover Doc View tab to add a commenting system for users. I am having trouble figuring out how to get access to http value from CoreStart passed in by core.getstartservices during applications setup so that i can use it within my docview entry. If there is another way to do it via an api call that would be great as well.

kibana version 7.9


useKibana like it is used in the following code should give you access to the services you need


Hey Matthias ,

thanks for helping out. when I try this the result from useKibana seems to come back as just a prototype with no actual data in it here is a sample exert of how i attempted to implement your suggestion. i may be missing something in interpreting the example you showed

Here is the result I get in console as well

Thanks, Whiskey

Yes, you're right, doesn't work this way. you need to create you're own Kibana Context in the plugin you're creating, mind if you could share more code of your plugin?

thx & best,

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