Getting ICU Plugin up and running

I'm a noob, stuck with the basics.

  1. I've run the ICU install command line (bin/plugin -install
    elasticsearch/elasticsearch-analysis-icu/1.9.0), the files are in /plugins,
    but I don't see any plugins loaded when I look at
    http://localhost:9200/_nodes/?all=true (I restarted ES, but don't know if
    that was relevant?). What am I missing?

  2. Assuming I get this properly loaded -- I still don't understanding where
    I'm supposed to put the JSON settings examples listed
    I tried rooting this as my mapping, under the field I wanted it to apply
    to, but got a "MapperParsingException: Wrong value for index" (I'm using
    pyes). Maybe this is just because I don't have the plugin installed right
    yet, but the docs aren't giving me a clear picture of what to do with these


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