Getting multiple data shown in 1 id

I'm using Elasticsearch with Grafana to store and visualize availability. I have a pre-made request, which has a response like this:

{"name":"Availability", "id":"197292", "report": {"availability": 996520, "start": 1498694400, "end": 1498780800, "sub": [ {"av":1000000, "start":1498694400},{"av":1000000, "start":1498698000},{"av":1000000, "start":1498701600},{"av":1000000, "start":1498705200},{"av":1000000, "start":1498708800},{"av":912280, "start":1498712400},{"av":1000000, "start":1498716000},{"av":1000000, "start":1498719600},{"av":1000000, "start":1498723200},{"av":1000000, "start":1498726800},{"av":1000000, "start":1498730400},{"av":1000000, "start":1498734000},{"av":1000000, "start":1498737600},{"av":1000000, "start":1498741200},{"av":1000000, "start":1498744800},{"av":1000000, "start":1498748400},{"av":1000000, "start":1498752000},{"av":1000000, "start":1498755600},{"av":1000000, "start":1498759200},{"av":1000000, "start":1498762800},{"av":1000000, "start":1498766400},{"av":1000000, "start":1498770000},{"av":1000000, "start":1498773600},{"av":1000000, "start":1498777200}]}}

At first I set the timestamp to report.start, then I realized I could get use of the detailed log as well. I set the data to report.sub.start, which is also working fine, but all the "av" data is under 1 _id.
Now the problem is, that even though I set the timestamp correctly, I still get the average of the whole input. The data is there, because if I set Grafana from average to min or max, it's correct, simply I cannot visualize the change within the _id.
On the picture I have another graph with the same problem, don't bother with that.

So the graph provides only the average of the 24 inputs, though as you can see, the availiability from hour to hour is mostly 100% with a 91,22% bottom.

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