Getting multiple fields out of agent

still new and learning filters... how would I get multiple fields out of agent?

"agent" => {
"hostname" => "2487b31167e2",
 "name" => "123b456c",
"ephemeral_id" => "123b456c",
"version" => "7.15.1",
   "id" => "123b456c",
 "type" => "filebeat"

What do you mean by that?

as an example:

if I wanted to get

 "hostname => 2487b31167e2"
"ephemeral_id" => "123b456c",
"version" => "7.15.1",

would I have to do:

"agent" => "[agent][version]"
"agent" => "[ephemeral][id]"
"agent" => "[hostname]"

the json is nested within agent portion

To get multiple fields out of "agent" now that I've solved the issue is using the "add field" function.
this can be found in documentation and a good example I fell on was this video: How to use Logstash to parse and import JSON data into Elasticsearch - YouTube

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