Getting started with improved JavaBeat


I've been hovering around the GSoC ideas page, and I'm interested in working on the suggested JavaBeat.
I've seen a few issues related to the same and checked out the existing community page, but couldn't find the "initial implementation" that an applicant should improve on.

I'd love some pointers on getting started with this work.


Thanks for your interest! But please wait a little longer:

  1. We don't know if we will be accepted, so maybe GSoC will not even happen for us this year.
  2. You can see at that most of the ideas still have a TODO, since they are from last year. We will check internally if those still make sense and update them accordingly. Right now this is not really meant for external consumption :wink:

Ah alright. Fair enough, I suppose I'll have to wait.
I think it's best to get myself up to speed with the codebase then. I'll start scouting the issues. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot!

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Obviously we always love contributions and you can get a head start on the PR. But no guarantees if we'll make it and which projects...

Of course, I understand that. Thanks a ton for your help. :slight_smile:

Hey xeraa, I would like to work on Beats: More modules for Metricbeat, Filebeat and Heartbeat, can i expect this project this year ?

Have you read the second post in this thread?

PS: I'm strongly considering making the repo private for now to avoid this kind of confusion. But that would automatically unwatch and unstar the repo for everybody, which might be a slight overkill.