Getting stored scripts

I have used the _scripts index to store 2 different queries that an application will be calling, but in order to do a dev->prod deployment, we would like to simply "get" the scripts that we have in the index and move them to the prod server.

Is there an endpoint or other method that will list the available scripts that Elastic can use?

I cannot find anything on the /_scripts endpoint that would do this accurately, as _scripts requires a name, and does not accept wildcards.

We use Elastic Cloud, so we do not have direct file access, but we do have the option to use script files if there's not another way, although to me, this would not be as ideal.

I do not think it is based on my previous findings:

There was some refactoring going on in this part of the code, so I held off
adding the functionality. I have not looked at it again since I created the

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