Getting string-out-of_bound exception while using highlight

Hi, all:
i have something confusing on highlight query.

i have an index named book1,and it has two fields,bookid and bookcontent. And the mapping type of bookcontent is text,
there is some docs data in it.When i do fulltext-search,i got the first page data with highlight fragment query, i get 48 records as total,then i started get next page(pagesize is 10)...when i got the last page ,ES returns as follow:

"type": "string_index_out_of_bounds_exception",
"reason": "String index out of range: 142"

when i decrease the value of 'fragment_size ' and ‘number_of_fragments ’ in query, there is no failure appear.

can anybody give me some tips? my es version is 5.5.1


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