Getting watch history automatically


I was looking at creating a watch that watches the other watches, indexing the last status of the watch (last triggered and last fired etc.) and sending out an email should a watch not fire when it should have.

Kibana has an undocumented API which is accessed when you load up the Watcher page (host.domain/api/watcher/watches), however this API isn't accessible through the Dev Tools console or by a watch. I have attempted to use a https request in the watch however I have run into a certification error. unable to find valid certification path to requested target

Is there another way of automating the access without fixing the certificate error? I want to avoid having to fix this certificate error as I would have to liaise with the ELK stack owner which may take a few days and requires a restart of the cluster which is my last resort. I am also unsure if this would fix the problem.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.