Glob based paths in Filebeat

Hi Team,

I am trying to find out an easy way to give the Glob based path in filebeat. Below is a sample path which we need to configure in filebeat.yml .

  - /oraadr/XHPROD/adump/*.aud
  - /projects/oraxhph2/orabase/admin/XH2PROD/adump/*.aud
  - /projects/orata/orabase/admin/TAPRD/adump/*.aud
  - /projects/oraxhca/app/admin/XHCAPRD/adump/*.aud
  - /project/oraeak/app/admin/EAKPROD/adump/*.aud

Folders in between /projects/ and /adump/ will be different for every server

Instead of giving the full path above , can we give some thing like below so that we dont have to configure the path on all 350+ servers


Please help

Wildcard is supported in path.

A list of glob-based paths that will be crawled and fetched. All patterns supported by Go Glob are also supported here. For example, to fetch all files from a predefined level of subdirectories, the following pattern can be used: /var/log/*/*.log . This fetches all .log files from the subfolders of /var/log .

Hope this can help you!

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