Global locking with ES 5.x


This page from ES 2.x documentation suggests that it is possible to use ElasticSearch as a global locking source of truth. Is it still reliable in 5.x? As I understand it, it shouldn't be a problem, but I wonder why this documentation wasn't ported to 5.x and 6.x? Has something changed in the documents API acidity?

(To give you the bigger picture, I want to implement an advisory lock in my app. It would be much easier if I could rely on ElasticSearch to do this.)


The guide is in the process of being updated, there's a lot there and there we lots of changes from 2>5 :slight_smile:

@warkolm Thanks :slight_smile: . Does this mean that it is okay to use ES 5.x for such purpose? Or somebody will have to take a closer look to tell whether it's actually a good idea (and update the doc eventually)?

These docs are, generally, still applicable.

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