Globalization with Elastic Search

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We have implemented ES Last Year(most of the information I gather from this discussion forum only :slight_smile: ) . We have implemented custom application to sync data from DB to ES indexes at regular intervals.
At High level we have 2 indexes
1 for Jobs
2 for files
Currently we are trying to implement Globalization in our application. Earlier application used to support English only.
in order to support Globalization for search queries , how should I design the indexes . is it like having different index for each language like jobs_en ,jobs_fr.
or Can I include new flag in jobs index to have different record for each language.
Any other suggestions Also welcome.


any help here is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

There are two good options:

  1. Create an index per language, every index will have its own mapping and language analyzer on the relevant field
  2. Create one index for all, but have multiple fields for each language, each with its own analyzer.
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Yes @ssouris, I was thinking of same. Looking for opinions on this approach before starting. Thanks for the reply.

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