Globla Time Filter for Lens Visualisation

Hi! I want to make a canvas pad with much lens visualisation. There is globaltimefilter to set the date an time for all lens. If i set a date and time the lens visualtion doesn't scale the time axis

The code for the lens embedding in canvas is :
| selectFilter group="globaltimefilter"
| embeddable
config="...." type="lens"

| render

If i choose a smaller timerange from the visu, the visu only will show the selected timerange.

Is it possible that the lens time axis scale automatic to the settings from the globaltimefilter?

Greetz Thomas

Edit: I use the version 8.6.1

Hi @deepack86. Unfortunately, Canvas filters simply don't work well with embeddables. This is a known limitation for which we do not have a workaround. Dashboard will provide the best experience with charts from Lens.

Have you seen already this answer? Dropdown in canvas does not filter visualization from 'Add from Kibana" - #2 by Marco_Liberati

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