Graph example for event tracking


First post and I'm new to Elastic so apologies if this is not the place to raise such a query.

Here is my issue:

I have a Logstash bringing data into ElasticSearch.
My simplified mapping looks something like the following:
Timestamp / Event GUID / Stage

My logs are being written as checkpoints, each time my event hits each stage from initialisation through to completion. e.g.
GUID 1 - Stage 1 Initialise
GUID 1 - Stage 2
GUID 1 - Stage 3
GUID 1 - Stage 4 - Complete
GUID 2 - Stage 1 - Initialise
GUID 2 - Stage 2
GUID 2 - Stage 3
GUID 2 - Stage 4 - Complete

I'm looking to write some dashboards over this data to monitor general health of the application. In particular I'm interested in events where I am missing stages.
e.g. An event with a GUID which starts but does not have the full 4 records to indicate it has passed each stage.

I haven't been able to find any Kibana dashboards / visuals which are configured like this before?
Any pointers or assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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