Graph only showing 2 edges


I have a data model similar to the following:
{"parent": A, "child", a}
with multiple children
{"parent": A, "child", b}
{"parent": A, "child", c}
{"parent": A, "child", d}
{"parent": B, "child", b}
{"parent": B, "child", c}
{"parent": B, "child", d}
(all parents and children are strings)

These are loaded into elastic and kibana with with the following index pattern in kibana:
parent.keyword (searchable and aggregate-able)
child.keyword (searchable and aggregate-able)

in graph I have added field source for verticies:

and I search for A

despite clicking on + with A in focus or the link button, only 2 of the n children are shown. (so a and b are shown with an edge, but c, d, etc. are not shown)

I did a dig through some documentation but did not see a config somewhere that would define a return of only 2 results. What am I missing?



Hey @queenstownswords,
There are some troubleshooting tips for graph here:

Can you try unchecking "Significant links" and reducing the "Certainty" down to 1 to see if that helps? If you have a medium/large dataset, then you may need to increase the "Sample size" too:

Thank you Mr. Gregory.

That got it! :grinning:

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