Graph plotting by Value instead of Sum, Average... on the y-axis

I have a requirement to plot the batch-process-time for each day of batch run. That is, the graph will look like something like batch-process-time vs batch-run-date. Is these feature still not supported? If not, would there be a possibility to add such feature in the coming versions?

What makes you think it's not supported? I'm guessing you are tracking each process as a document in Elasticsearch, and if you're tracking the process run time as a field on those documents, they it should be really easy to plot run times by date, or any other metric of time.

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what your data looks like and what you're trying to do with it though. Can you provide some more detail?

EDIT: Ah, after re-reading the subject, I think I did in fact misunderstand what you were asking. I'm guessing that instead, you are trying to plot the exact time for each document on a graph, correct? If that's the case, then no, Kibana only works with Aggregations, not specific document values. You might be able to do what you're trying to do with Timelion though, which is also open source.

@Joe_Fleming , Thank you for your suggestion to use Timelion. I will see if I can achieve that with it.