Graphing non numerical values?

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I want to create a graph using non numerical values but I'm not sure this is possible?

Field name: Status
values: online / offline
field type: keyword
Data polled every 5 minutes

On the X axis I want a date histogram and on the Y axis I want to show the status which will be either online or offline.

I've made graphs similar to what I want before using metric max value but in those cases the values were always numerical but I cannot find a way to do the same with a keywords.

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Hi @Sjaak01,

I don't think it's possible to use non numerical values on the y-axis. However, you might be able to achieve what you want by splitting the series on the x-axis, something like this:

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Thanks but unfortunately that doesn't work. Because the metric is count you'll end up with two strange looking lines. Instead I want one line that is either online or offline.

Probably easiest if I add some fields in logstash when indexing.

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