Graphite-input-plugin configuration for logstash

We have graphite based metric data collection in our environment and now we are trying to use ELK stack to create centralized data repository and dashboards.

Since the graphite based metric collection infrastructure is already in place, we wanted to leverage on that and feed the data from it to logstash for analytics and visualization with ELK. While searching, found that graphite-input-plugin could solve this issue.

I just looked at graphite-input-plugin and it only tells the configuration required on the logstash side.

So my question is what configuration changes I should make at graphite side to read metric data from graphite using graphite-input-plugin (or is it possible to import the data directly from the whisper database used by this graphite infrastructure)

We are using a graphite input, and what we are doing is have our collectd agents send data both to the actual graphite and to a logstash input. I don't know if that is the best solution, but it is working for us.

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